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About Us


You have joined a brand new kind of community focused on bringing players together both on and off line. Tournaments, raids, and any other kind of event you could want to be involved in or learn about will be welcomed and encouraged here. We have some tools to get you started finding your new squad mates.

Consortium Gaming Search:

On the left hand side of your monitor you will see an always visible icon that will launch our search widget. Use this to find gamers playing the same games as you are and take advantage of our advanced filters to ensure that you find exactly who you want to be your squad mate. Our search widget is always ready to help you find gamers with similar interest and also gamers looking for immediate teammates to play with. Try it out for yourself and if you have any suggestions feel free to post them in our feedback forum or send us a direct message from our support page.

Consortium Gaming Forums:

Our forums are a place where gamers can share ideas and news amongst each other. We have many topics covering gaming news, events, and general discussions. We also have a feedback forum to interact with our fellow members to improve the site and make Consortium Gaming the best community for social gamers around. This is only the beginning.

Consortium Gaming Activity:

Here at Consortium Gaming, we have more than simple forums for our members to use as a ways of communicating with each other. We also have a native social network system in place with a custom activity feed you will not find anywhere else. This feed is called Focus. You’ll will see Focus every time you login or hit the Home button in the navigational dock below. Initially, Focus consists of three columns that show you different updates from the Consortium community. These columns can be customized from your Settings page accessible from the link in our dock or by simply scrolling down on the Home page to bring up the link. When you have your columns set to show the information that matters to you most, you can still do more. In the top right corner of each column you will see an arrow icon. Clicking it will expand that particular column to full screen. Allowing you to Focus on that column’s content. A simple click of the X in the top right corner will return you to the three column default layout. This gives you a way to access all of the content from your friends and Team Consortium in the way that you want. No clutter. No hassles.

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